Welcome to the Whisk Movement by Cookin’ with Carol

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

My whisk movement was inspired from a gift from one of my first cooking class students Cindy Teczar. She started and continues my whisk collection, each one is treasured. She and her family and friends are very dear to me. In my career, the people I have met and the joy they bring have enriched my life!

My mother is my inspiration for pursuing a culinary career. Her excellence and art of cooking continue. The lessons I learn in her kitchen are priceless!

My late father often read the story of Barrington Bunny from Martin Bell’s short story in his book The Way of the Wolf to my sister and me. The passage about “a free gift with no strings attached. . . . . every gift that is given to anyone is given for a reason.” was my fuel for this movement and blog site. To kick this off, my first featured post below is with the incomparable Graham Kerr. And my next post will feature my mother, Ione Dixon. Please follow and share my blog. Wishing you all the best on this special day!¬† Cheers, Carol Ritchie


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