When it comes to creativity, celebrating family and friends, and sharing their secrets of enjoying life to the fullest, I can count on my dear friends Kelly & Stan Girnas! They really have a zest for living and whisking up fun. Kelly was a guest on Cookin’ with Carol, and we have kept in touch throughout the years. She also enjoys photography, and created some whisk art included in this post. “One is a Whisk Selfie – lol – that’s a term you don’t hear everyday” says Kelly.


Kelly & Stan Girnas

3 Questions:

Passion for cooking?

Stan’s passion for cooking began when he was a young Bachelor living in Pennsylvania, and he started watching the Galloping Gourmet on TV. He tried a few of the recipes, and found that he really enjoyed cooking.

Back in his “Swinging Single” crazy 1970’s time, he would host dinner parties at his home, and he recreated a Galloping Gourmet dessert of ice cream and waffles. He also admits that his cooking skills made him popular with the ladies 🙂

My passion began the first time I made my own grilled cheese and tomato soup at 9 years old. It was a simple meal and still my favorite comfort food, yet I felt so accomplished, and really enjoyed the act of preparing everything.

Groovy Whisks

Traditions for holiday meals?

Growing up as a kid in NJ,my parents would wake my sister and I up at midnight on Christmas Eve to open presents. As very young children, we were told that Santa came to our house first, which always made us feel special.

It was such a magical time, and to this day, Christmas Eve is still my favorite! It would usually be snowing, and there would be Christmas carols on the stereo, and the tree twinkling with lights. Always laid out on the coffee table, there was always a delicious spread of cheese/crackers, cookies, candy and nuts. But my very favorite were the deviled eggs! My mom makes THE BEST deviled eggs, and they are so simple, with a light paprika dusting. I make them throughout the year, but to me, it would not be Christmas Eve without deviled eggs.

Whisk Pop Art

Passing on the traditions of the Whisk?

Both Stan and I would like to pass the whisk movement on to the younger generation in our family by inspiring a love for cooking and entertaining. Our good friend Nigel, has a daughter named Jamie that we are very close with. She is now 24, with a home of her own, and she has tremendous passion and talent for cooking and creating delicious meals. She will come over to our home, and we will cook together, and share recipes, and it has been really fun to see how much she truly enjoys the art of cooking! She hosted her very first Thanksgiving this year, and it was fantastic! Her turkey was one of the best I have ever tasted!

Whisks with Decoupage Placemats.jpg


Grater Greater Whisks



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