Lisa & Sally Ekus

Sally and Lisa Ekus, partners in The Lisa Ekus Group,

“whisking their culinary clients to success!”

Lisa and Sally Whisk

Like an orchestra conductor with a baton, Lisa Ekus, Founder of the Lisa Ekus Group, LLC and her daughter Sally Ekus, Manager and Literary Agent unifies the culinary expert’s “orchestra”, sets the presentation “tempo” and shapes the “sound” of their message. This requires a large whisk as their “baton” to keep things cooking! It has been a pleasure to host many of their cookbooks authors on Cookin’ with Carol. I have also learned several tips on presenting successful cooking classes and writing book proposals from Lisa’s seminars at IACP conventions. I highly recommend their media training to anyone interested in improving their skills. With her dedication, professionalism and passion, Lisa has made a profound contribution to the culinary world. This inspiration continues in her kitchen with her family. This treasured recipe below is from Diane Cohen (Lisa’s mother, and Sally’s grandmother). As to the future of Lisa’s business, I know it is in good hands with her daughter Sally. A fine example of “Passing the Whisk!”

What traditions do you have for holiday meals?

Both my daughters always join me now in cooking the holiday meal. One’s specialty is savory dishes and the other loves to make pies. We laugh, talk, play sous chef with each other and create new delicious memories at every holiday.

What do you like to cook on a rainy day?

A big pot of either turkey chili or split pea soup. Anything that is hearty, slow simmering and comforting. I love slow braised foods.

How many whisks do you have, and what do you like to cook with them?

I have dozens of whisks, of every size and shape. The largest is the one in the picture. The smallest measures a mere 6 inches. I also have a special flat dough whisk, balloon whisks—both fat and narrow, and while most are metal, a few are fun colors. We use them for every dish that needs a whisk—from eggs to sauces and everything in between.

Diane Cohen’s Famous Family Salad Dressing

(Diane is Lisa’s mother and Sally’s grandmother)

Makes 2-4 servings

2-4 cloves garlic, crushed

¼ cup Seasoned rice vinegar (Make sure you get seasoned as this is key. Our family favorite brand is Marukan)

½ cup canola oil

¼ tsp dried mustard

Pinch of freshly ground black pepper

Add all ingredients to a glass jar and whisk vigorously. Feel free to shake with lid on tight right before you use. Best drizzled on salads, grilled veggies, meats, or as dipping sauce for steamed artichokes.


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